Essential’s limited-edition phone colors look spectacular

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Since the Essential Phone was announced, the "Ocean Depths" blue-green and copper model has always stood out as the company's most striking and distinctive color scheme. Months and months of delays later, I wondered if anyone would really mind if it was finally published, but that changed after seeing it in person.
I have seen and had many phones in the last five years, and none have been like that. The Essential & # 39; s Ocean Depths model radiates color. It is bright and saturated in a surprising greenish blue that makes it feel like a lost piece of treasure next to the cavalcade of black and white phones that make up a large part of the market.
I do not know why Essential spent so many months working on this, and I do not know if everything will be worth it from a sales perspective. But from the design point of view, it was definitely worth the effort. If the full screen of the phone, the tiny notch design was the first way that Essential surprised and excited the world of technology, this color scheme should be the second.

Essential produced a limited series of Ocean Depths phones and has no plans to manufacture them anymore. The race went on sale two weeks ago and since then it has run out. It seems a decent signal for a company that is said to have sold less than 90,000 phones last year, although Essential did not say how many units of Ocean Depths were manufactured.
Along with the Ocean Depths model, Essential also released two other limited edition phones: Copper Black, which has a shiny black back and a copper molding, and Stellar Gray, which has a matte black back and a molding. Matt Gray. He also presented another new model, Halo Gray, which is exclusive to Amazon and will not be a limited edition. That model has a matte black back and the same titanium rails used in the white model of Essential.

Depths of the ocean with copper black.

Copper Black looks good, thanks to its bright and contrasting copper edges, but it does not stand out as much as Ocean Depths. Stellar Gray is a pleasant surprise: the matte back is easier to grasp, and the darker edges give the phone a rigid and monolithic look (it resembles a bit of the Google 2 black pixel). Neither has yet to be sold. The Amazon model is the least distinctive, although there is a kind of feeling on the iPhone 4 when you look at the antenna gaps at the sides.
However, one word of caution: I saw a slight scratch on one of the matte black models at the Mobile World Congress stand at Essential. Trade fairs are not friendly with phones, but the finish seems more prone to scratching.
Six months have passed since Essential Phone was launched for the first time, and it is still a work in progress. In addition to the new colors, Essential spent the last few months refining the camera, testing an Oreo update and correcting errors.
The phone is in a better place now than when it was launched, but it is still an expensive and niche device. And meanwhile, Essential is still working on a second phone, more accessories and an intelligent home assistant. It is not clear when any of these things will occur, or what other essential surprises have left us to capture our attention. But Essential seems to be solving the flaws that delayed its debut hardware, and that should finally count for more than a few new colors.

Depths of the ocean.

Black copper.

Copper stands out more in the black model, but the phone in general is not so striking.

The limited edition of Stellar Gray on top of Amazon's Halo Gray.

Stellar Gray. With enough light, you can see the edge of the antenna, but it looks perfect in person.

Halo Gray, the exclusive model of Amazon.

Halo Gray comes with the pre-installed Alexa application.


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