Exclusive: Telegram is holding a secretive second pre-ICO sale

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February 21, 2018
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February 21, 2018

You have to admire the audacity of Pavel Durov.
In recent months, Telegram's CEO has convinced 81 accredited investors, including the giants of Silicon Valley Sequoia Capital and Benchmark, to grant him $ 850 million in pre-sale of his company's cryptocurrency before an initial offer of coins, or ICO. Now it is trying to raise even more money from accredited investors before the currency is offered to the public in a secret second pre-sale.
This week, investors received an email explaining that Telegram is making another private advance sale, four sources familiar with the agreement told The Verge.
The exact amount to be collected is still being determined, according to one source, but two other sources said that Telegram estimates it will be close …

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