Facebook says it will stop fighting a major California privacy initiative

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April 12, 2018
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April 12, 2018

Facebook will abandon its opposition to a major California privacy initiative, sponsors of the initiative announced, just after Mark Zuckerberg completed a two-day interrogation by congressional lawmakers.
Facebook is moving away from an organization that fights the measure
The proposed bill, called the California Consumer Privacy Act, could reach a state vote in November. According to the law, companies would be required to disclose what categories of data they have collected about users, if those users request it. Californians may also request that your personal information not be sold.
Facebook has now left the Committee to Protect California Jobs, a campaign that opposes the move that has also been backed by other major technology companies, including Google, Comcast, Verizon and AT & T. The five companies reportedly donated $ 200,000 each for the campaign.
Zuckerberg was asked several times about privacy legislation during two days of hearings in Congress this week. When asked about legislation and specific plans, Zuckerberg repeatedly said that certain ideas could "make sense," but that "the details matter a lot." Facebook has long used its weight as a lobbyist to fight against legislation that would expand user privacy at the expense of the company's commercial interests.
Leaving aside the opposition to the California electoral measure does not mean that Facebook now offers its full support. "We took this step to focus our efforts on supporting reasonable privacy measures in California," a spokesperson said in a statement.


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