Facebook Stories update adds AR doodles and Instagram’s Boomerang

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April 13, 2018
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Facebook Stories may not have reached the heights of Instagram or Snapchat when it comes to things like the people who actually use the feature, but that does not stop the social media company from continuing to add it. Now, he is adding a new function of AR doodles and Instagram loop boomerangs, through TechCrunch.
Of the two, the AR garabtaje, which Facebook calls "3D drawing", seems to be the most important feature, since it allows users to draw 3D images with AR in the real world. It seems like a natural extension of the drawing tools that Snapchat first popularized but took to a more immersive level.
Devotees of the Facebook Stories (I'm sure there are some of you out there) might remember that Facebook actually added GIF loops to the camera built into the app last year. But apparently, those are being replaced by Boomerangs, which technically are not the same; The Boomerang loops come and go instead of just playing and then repeating as the GIF did.

Will the new tools be enough to attract more people to actually use Facebook Stories? Probably not, especially since Facebook has not yet justified the use of the much more popular Instagram version of the feature. But if the Boomerangs can make the leap from Instagram to Facebook, at least there is hope that the interesting drawing features of AR can go in the opposite direction to a platform that people actually use.


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