Fitbit Ace is the company’s first fitness band for kids

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Fitbit presents its first band of exercises dedicated to children aged eight and up. The Fitbit Ace is basically an adapted version of the Fitbit Alta, with a smaller adjustable band to fit the smaller wrists and a revised software to remove data that may not be as relevant to younger users as calories burned. Parents will be asked to make an account for children under 12 years old to start with Fitbit Ace.
The goal of Fitbit Ace, says the company, is to encourage children to develop habits around physical activity from an early age. Parents can use the Fitbit application to track their children's activity levels and sleep hours, and approve contacts that children can add to share their activities and rewards. Fitbit says that Ace accounts will not be able to join the social component of Fitbit's regular application, which allows users to share photos and training summaries on a feed similar to Instagram. Children will also be limited to only 10 items they can use to customize their fitness bands, compared to the hundreds of third-party developers available for Fitbit Ionic and Versa. Like the Alta, the Ace is waterproof and announces a battery life of up to five days.
Instead of developing a new form factor for children, Fitbit says it adapted from Alta because they want to target children who are getting old enough to start paying attention to their physical condition. Fitbit's vice president of product marketing, Melanie Chase, says the idea is to make an easy transition between children between her exercise tracker and the adult version, while helping children feel more mature by using a product that looks and he feels adult.
Ace is essentially a lite version of Alta, but the price remains at $ 99.95
For children, Ace will show exercise and sleep goals that are appropriate for their age. For example, while the CDC recommends 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week and at least seven hours of adult sleep, the guide for children is actually 60 minutes of daily activity and at least nine hours for school-age children. Like a regular Fitbit, the Ace uses automatic notifications to encourage children to step up or move if they detect a prolonged period of inactivity.
Fitbit is not the first costume maker to try to attract children at an early age. Garmin presented the Vivofit Jr in 2016, which is a child-friendly version of its popular Vivofit bracelet. There is also LeapFrog LeapBand, which is aimed at children from four to seven years old and comes with 50 integrated games or "challenges" that are supposed to encourage children to move.
Both also cost less than Fitbit Ace. While Ace is essentially a lite version of Alta, its price of $ 99.95 is the same as the adult version. It is available for pre-order today in two colors, purple or blue, and will be sent in Q2 this year.


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