Golf fans can now use Apple’s ARKit to visualize featured parts of the PGA Tour

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The PGA Tour now brings the golf course to your home through Apple's augmented reality platform. Using Apple's ARKit on iOS 11, the PGA Tour has created a new application called PGA Tour AR that allows you to compare professional golfers with each other and see the highlighted golf holes. You will be able to visualize better the blows of the players and the angles from which they sank the balls.
To use the application, first let your camera detect a surface, and then touch the screen to select a hole. The terrain will materialize and you can select players and rounds to compare the shooting paths. The application also allows you to enter the name of the professional player and compare it with up to three other professionals. You can move your phone closer to see the golf balls and the ground close up, but as soon as it comes out, you will have to redo the setup.
The application currently allows you to choose between specific tournaments and holes, such as the 7th hole of Pebble Beach Golf Links 2018 or the 16th hole of TPC Sawgrass 2017. Eventually, the PGA Tour plans to have at least one hole in each tournament.

"Leveraging ARKit on iOS 11 allows us to display the real-time data provided by ShotLink and CDW in a rich and visual way for fans," said PGA Tour media director Rick Anderson in a press release.
As it is now, the PGA Tour AR application is quite basic and rudimentary. You can see basic balls and grass on a surface in front of you, but you can not visualize the real movements of the players before you. The application does not have much functionality after having seen your favorite tournaments and players.
However, the PGA Tour eventually plans to allow fans in golf tournaments to keep their devices in front of the holes and show the live shooting routes, which could be potentially useful when launched.
The application is only available on iOS.


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