Google is crowdsourcing ideas for improving Pixel device settings

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February 28, 2018
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The internal Google team responsible for the software, configurations and configuration of the Pixel device yesterday led Reddit to share the main complaints of Android users about the daily use of the flagship smartphone. The answers are, of course, broad and thoughtful, and range from Bluetooth volume settings to Google Home integration and renewed calls for a dark theme across the system, something the company shot down last week as a new potential feature of Android. .
"We do not have any feature or product plan to announce at this time, but we hope to incorporate these comments to improve your configuration experience on Pixel devices in the future," the company wrote in the thread Reddit, which is still active with almost 700 comments and counting "For any pain point or comment that you have, it would also be great if you could explain everything you can about your context and why it is a painful point, for example, if there is a configuration that alternates 20 times a day, explain the where you need to manage the configuration, this will help us better understand how to approach the problem. "
Pixel users have flooded Reddit with useful suggestions
Near the top there are some solid suggestions. Make the Pixel and Pixel 2 devices ignore the "Hey Google" detection when you connect to the same Wi-Fi network since Google Home is the most voted or, at least, allows you to customize the device's keywords. Another is an alternate to automatically join recognized Wi-Fi networks or disable automatic linking for unrecognized Wi-Fi networks. Both Samsung phones and iOS devices have this option, some users pointed out. Other more specific suggestions include an adaptive brightness system that is less sensitive or possibly even customizable for the screen, application-specific auto-rotation options and a fast toggle during the time it takes the screen to go to sleep.
Google seems to be getting suggestions on the thread today, so head over to Reddit in case you want to make your voice heard.


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