Google launched a simple browser-based sequencer for making music

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Chrome Music Lab has launched a new music creation tool called Song Maker. A browser-based experience, Song Maker is a sequencer that allows you to program loops for two different instruments of your choice, then save them or send them to another person for collaboration.
Google Creative Lab launched Chrome Music Lab in 2016. A series of web-based experiments, each installation of Chrome Music Lab allows you to play with music and sound in a different way. This includes Oscillators, which make you crush and stretch a cute character to learn about frequency values, and Sound Waves, which shows a visual representation of how sound vibrations travel through the air.
Song Maker is a bit more complex, but still very direct and foolproof. It has a sequencer format divided into two sections: a main part for the melody and a smaller bar at the bottom for the rhythm. You can choose between several musical options for each section, then draw your notes using your mouse, keyboard or finger, depending on your device. (It is not necessary to click individually on the notes, you can drag and paint on strips of notes).

If you do not have any musical background, do not worry. It seems that Song Maker restricts the available notes depending on the scale you choose. So, no matter what you do, it will be in code (and it does not sound horrible). You can also connect it to a MIDI keyboard or enable the microphone button to sing in Song Maker; An icon will appear when you hover over the left side to show the note you are playing.
Beyond the main interface, there are many options available to further customize your song. You can adjust the tempo with a slide bar, set an octave range, the length of your cycle, the number of rhythms you want per bar, and more. In general, it is a small clean experience with which it is fun to play informally.
The Chrome Music Song Song Maker is one of the many browser-based music creation tools with which you can play for free. For example, PIXELSYNTH allows you to draw sketches and then convert those images to music as you move, and Novation created a browser version of your Launchpad hardware called Arcade that causes you to touch the sample pads to program loops.


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