Google reportedly planning sponsored how-to videos for Assistant

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April 19, 2018
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Google is in talks with brands to create instructional videos for the Google Assistant, according to CNBC. The videos step by step will be a new feature showcased in I / O 2018 in May, according to the report, and will be released to consumers "several months later." Several companies, including Sony, JBL and Lenovo, announced devices with screens that will allow visual responses from Google's voice assistant; They look very similar to the Amazon Echo Show and are destined to compete with that product.
The instructional videos could be another content area for those devices, although it seems that the "official" brand tutorials would compete against the large amount of instructional content on YouTube. But you can not go step by step in a YouTube video without frequent breaks, so it could be a simpler and more convenient approach, even if the topics are already well covered on YouTube. I assume they would also work with the Google Assistant on smartphones.

You will see more and more Google assistant speakers with screens in the coming months. Photo of Tom Warren / The Verge

From the business point of view, this could help Google monetize Assistant, but CNBC says that the company has not yet gotten that far and that the brands that will be shown in I / O do not pay anything for the privilege.
It has been rumored that Google is working on its own rival with the Echo Show, which will join the screen, and that it would join the existing line Home, Home Max and Home Mini. The instructional videos may be shown on third-party devices in I / O, but perhaps the failed Google event comes, the company will have its own product ready to demonstrate the visual future of the Assistant.


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