Google veteran Jeff Dean takes over as company’s AI chief

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Programmer Jeff Dean was one of the first employees of Google and is credited with helping to create some of the fundamental technologies that drove the growth of the technology giant in the early 2000s. He has now been put in charge of Google's future , assuming control as head of the company's artificial intelligence unit.
The measure is part of a reorganization at Google, reported for the first time by The Information and confirmed by CNBC, which seems designed to take AI to more company products. Previously, AI's product development was overseen along with the search by senior vice president of engineering, John Giannandrea. Now, this role is divided in two, with Dean assuming AI and Ben Gomes leading the development of the search.
The reorganization seems designed to take AI to more Google products
Decomposing AI as your own unit suggests that Google wants to infuse technology into more practical parts of your business. (He still has two pure AI research organizations: the Google Brain team and the London-based DeepMind, acquired in 2014). This prioritization of AI has become common in the world of technology, and the initiative follows a similar reorganization at Microsoft announced last week, which also made machine learning more central.
Dean's own experience in AI is extensive; He previously co-founded the Google Brain team and will continue to lead it in his new role. Google Brain has spearheaded the company's use of deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence that experienced a renaissance in the early 2010s and powers the most useful applications in the field, from driverless cars to medical analysis. Dean is also involved in the development of TensorFlow, Google's machine learning framework, which is distributed free to developers and has proven to be a large part of the company's artificial intelligence offering.
Dean is also a kind of legend among Googlers, and over the years he has even inspired a joke format (similar to the Chuck Norris facts) that emphasizes his coding skills. For example, did you know that Jeff Dean's PIN is the last four digits of Pi, or that Jeff Dean's keyboard only has two keys, "0" and "1"? Now they just need to invent some jokes by Jeff Dean AI.


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