Grubhub now lets you use Venmo to split food orders inside its app

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April 17, 2018
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April 17, 2018

Grubhub has presented a Venmo integration, which he officially announced today. Now you can use Venmo as a payment option within Grubhub. The new integration also allows you to divide the group food order invoice with Venmo.
Users must have both Grubhub and Venmo installed for the feature to work. When users open Grubhub, they will be informed that they can now use Venmo within the application. The new integration actually came into operation last week for some users, but today it is being implemented more broadly.
Venmo will also automatically appear as a payment option available on the payment page. Once you click on Venmo, it will take you to the application, but you will return it to Grubhub when you have finished dividing the invoice or requesting money. The feature will probably save users the additional step of entering a separate application to pay their friends. That is potentially useful for people, including myself, whose attention might wander while food is being ordered and who may forget to ask their friends to give them back their money.
The Venmo integration is also available in Seamless and Eat24, all under the same company; Grubhub and Seamless merged in 2013, and Grubhub bought Eat24 from Yelp last summer.


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