HBO’s Silicon Valley gets renewed for a sixth season

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HBO's Silicon Valley still has more power to tell more stories about the emergence of a small technology company known as Pied Piper. The network announced yesterday that it has renewed the program for a sixth season.
The program is currently broadcast in its fifth season. In its opening credits this season, there is a punctual Easter egg on Facebook, which shows the company's logo in fake Cyrillic letters. The Easter egg is present in all episodes, and is oddly timely with Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal and the confrontation of CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Congress.
Even so, the program so far has been silent on other premonitory problems faced by the technology industry, such as the gender wage gap and the widespread dissemination of sexual harassment, even after the #MeToo movement increased the visibility of these issues. "We talk about that all the time," executive producer Alec Berg told The Hollywood Reporter last month, referring to cases of real-life sexual harassment in Silicon Valley. "The lack of hitting him head on is reduced to the fact that we have not done a great job to find the ultimate satirical version." The sixth season opens another opportunity for writers to address the issue.
The fifth season of Silicon Valley was the first without T.J. Miller, who played Erlich Bachman, the founder of an incubator that weeds weed. Indeed, he has been replaced by Jian Yang (Jimmy O. Yang), who assumed the role of Miller as comic assistant of the series and has become a central character in the story.
The network also announced that it is renovating Barry, a dark comedy about a hitman who accidentally joins the local art scene.


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