Here’s a Kickstarter that adds wireless charging to your AirPods case

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February 28, 2018
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Already in the distant past, when Apple announced the wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple promised a new generation of AirPod that would include a casing capable of charging wirelessly. We even heard the rumor that Apple would sell the case separately for $ 69. In addition, that rumor indicated that the case would be available in December.
Up to this point? Nothing.
While we wait for Apple to act together, presumably will launch the new AirPod along with the next AirPower charging platform, which could literally happen at any time, we turn our collective gaze to Kickstarter to solve this horrible problem of plugging things in.
Look, the PowerPod Case!
PowerPod Case is a silicone case that contains your AirPod case, which in turn has your AirPods. Now your AirPod box is protected with silicone, and now it can also be charged wirelessly. Win, win.
The price of "super early riser" is $ 20, which is definitely lower than Apple will pay for the same wireless charging privilege. But given the new nature of this Kickstarter, a planned shipping date of July and a retail price of $ 40, it is unlikely that you will receive a PowerPod Case before the official Apple is available, or will save. A lot of money in the long run
That said, if you feel like throwing $ 20 at a student trying to beat Apple in the market, who would embarrass you?


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