Here’s some Twitter options for Mac users now that the official app is going away

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February 20, 2018
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February 20, 2018

The official Twitter application for Mac is dead. Twitter no longer offers the application to download, and will no longer be compatible in March.
So what should a Twitter user do on a Mac? Here are your best options in the future.
Tweetbot ($ 9.99)
Tweetbot is probably the best Twitter application that exists, so if you used the official application of the service, consider that Twitter is supporting the signal that you should make the jump to Tweetbot anyway. It has a clean interface (no algorithmic timeline or sponsored tweets), outstanding silence and filtering options, and support for all the good features of Twitter like 280 characters, threaded tweets, direct messages, online images, GIFs, videos and lists .
There are a couple of weak points: …

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