I built a fish out of Lego, and now it lives in a virtual fish tank

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March 11, 2018
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Denmark has the best Lego stuff. The company opened its Lego House in the country last year, and it sounds like an absolute dream. It is full of unique Lego concepts, such as Fish Designer, which allows visitors to build fish from Lego bricks, scan them and then watch them live virtually in the digital space aquarium. Lego offered the experience in the United States for the first time at SXSW this week, where I tried it and made a fish. I discovered during this process that I do not have much imagination, and that making a fish is more difficult than it seems, so good for these children and their wild thoughts.
Here is my creation. It has no name, although I have differentiated it by gender, and it is a child:

Ashley Carman / The Verge

I chose several colors and shapes because I really wanted to try the scanner, which only performs a 2D scan and documents the size and color of the bricks. Once the scan is complete, users can choose the eyes and mouth they want to add. They can not select where these characteristics are populated in their creature. The company says it has no plans to make this a real experience at home, although it has already experimented with scannable sets along with other companies, such as Play-Doh.
Once my fish was in the tank, he swam and danced with DJ Octopus, who also lives in the tank. Eventually he will eat food and react to sharks. There is not much that children can do once they have created the fish, but it is good to see how their physical toy manifests itself in a virtual realm. I know that my boy lives in a better place and will delight all SXSW visitors, at least until Lego reboots the application.


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