I can’t stop playing Apple’s clever new HomePod ad

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March 7, 2018
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So many things are happening in Apple's latest HomePod ad that I do not know where to start. The peculiar four-minute adventure in music is accompanied by dancing FKA twigs and a new song by Anderson .Paak. This talent is backed by the direction of Spike Jonze, famous for many music videos such as Beastie Boys & # 39; Sabotage, the direction of the films Her and Being John Malkovich, and even an incredible perfume ad. While the direction and the dance are impressive, it is the music that Apple has obtained exclusively that which has captivated me.
The YouTube and TV ads were released two days ago and have already accumulated almost 5 million visits on YouTube alone. I've had it in repetition since then. I would normally release a new and elegant song in a playlist on Spotify, but I have not yet seen Til It's Over from Anderson. Paak in the rival streaming music service. That's not the case with Apple Music, where you can happily listen to the last single until you're happy.
I have not minded Drake's Apple Music exclusives or Chance the Rapper in the past, but there's something about this last Anderson track. Paak that makes my feet move (almost) like FKA twigs. It's the first time I feel like I'm missing the opportunity to not have a subscription to Apple Music, and that's exactly what Apple wants me to feel. That makes Apple & # 39; s HomePod publish an ingenious Apple Music ad in disguise, one of Apple's marketing masters.

Apple's HomePod is the epitome of being locked into Apple's software and services. The speaker only works with Siri's assistant (who is not as complete as Alexa or Google) and Apple's own music service. Sure, Spotify can broadcast on AirPlay, but who wants to do that after paying $ 349 for a so-called smart speaker? Apple wants you to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, and HomePod reinforces that. This latest announcement is just another smart battle in Apple's war against Spotify.
However, I'm not falling in love with that. The last song by Anderson. Paak is great, but it's not good enough to justify being locked into the Apple lifestyle.


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