Instagram vs. Snapchat: a battle to the last feature

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At the end of February he was not kind to Snapchat's Snap maker: he launched a redesign that users decided they hated, and a single Kylie Jenner tweet about the application sent the company's shares spiraling. But, really, Snap's struggles preceded all of that, due in large part to Instagram Instagram.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has "borrowed" many Snapchat features. And in doing so, he has managed, in a relatively short period of time, to build what feels like his own successful social silo (as long as he can forget about all of that being part of Facebook). The feature of Instagram Stories alone, that series of bubbles at the top of the application that shows shared photos and video clips of people for up to 24 hours, has grown to 300 million daily users, more than the total daily active users. of Snapchat. Instagram has AR filters too; They are not as good as Snapchat's, but they're fun, and if we're honest, flattering.
But comparing each feature in parallel would be a waste of time at a time when the functions of the application are so easily copied. The differences between applications like Instagram and Snapchat are reduced to how people use them, but also, how these applications encourage different types of behavior; either a teenager frantically sending messages to a friend, a parent who wants to share a non-hectic moment of their day or a hashtag-influencers promoting another brand. And for the creators of applications it becomes a delicate balance between providing a tool, amplifying the real world and creating an overly controversial and irritating campaign.
It is possible that people do not remember exactly what was published, but after a while, they realize how an application makes them feel (a misinterpretation of a great quote). Until they move on to the next social application and bring all their friends with them. And then the cycle starts again.


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