Instagram’s code reveals a potential portrait camera mode

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The analysis of the application package of Android (APK) of Instagram shows that the application has a portrait camera mode hidden inside its code, reports TechCrunch. When opened, the APK reveals a portrait shutter icon that seems to be incorporated into the Instagram camera, which already has features such as boomerang and superzoom. The APKs contain all the code of an application, including the relevant bits for the new features that are being actively developed but have not yet been activated.
Instagram's unpublished portrait mode could point to a feature that enhances photos through blurry backgrounds (the bokeh effect) and different lighting options, for example. To access the feature, you are likely to launch the Instagram camera and slide your finger to the corresponding mode.
Devices like the iPhone X and Pixel 2 have dedicated portrait modes in their cameras, so this would be an ingenious tool if Instagram was available for older devices without this feature.

Image: TechCrunch through Ishan Agarwal

The portrait mode was unearthed by Ishan Agarwal, who also found hidden voice and video call functions in the Instagram code last week. If Instagram releases this mode, it will be even more attractive to use than its rival Snapchat, especially for those who want the option of taking more polished photos of themselves. Since Snapchat's recent redesign has also been met with confusion and anger, this could be another nail in the coffin if Instagram can make vertical mode simple and fun to use.
It is not yet known when, even if, Instagram could launch this new feature.


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