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March 3, 2018
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March 3, 2018

I'm not a rich man, but I'm rich in content subscriptions. Pay for Hulu without ads. I pay for YouTube Red. I have Twitch Prime, and before that, I had Twitch Turbo. I paid for Spotify.
Basically, I hate ads, and if you have content that I enjoy and you also offer me an ad-free experience for a reasonable monthly fee (say $ 10 or so), I'll gladly tell you my credit card number.
Sadly, the whole world has not adjusted to my preferences. When I see Hulu with my roommates on his TV, I see ads. When a friend shows me a YouTube video, I see ads. When I'm at a party and the host is playing the Spotify playlist as part of his party, I hear ads.
But when I meet with my fanatics friends from New York Excelsior in Ridgewood, Queens, to watch a Twitch broadcast of the Overwatch League, I do not see ads, because the place uses my Twitch login.
In fact, whenever possible, I try to solve the problem of ads in the world by sharing my valuable session in a broad and reckless.
It is not an ideal situation.

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

For example, sharing my access to Spotify with one of my roommates has really bitten my ass. My Tinder profile shows which Spotify artists I listen to the most. So he put The Wiggles in repetition when he was not paying attention. (Spotify only allows your account to play one thing at a time, and I think I was busy that month listening to Taylor Swift on Apple Music). So now, my Tinder profile proclaims to the world that I'm a big fan of Wiggles. It is not exactly the first impression I want to make.
The interruption of the algorithm used to be a big problem with the Netflix exchange, but now Netflix solves this by offering multiple profiles. I share my Netflix profile with my parents, and they have been very conscientious so far: Netflix has not yet recommended a single Hallmark movie.
This is what I propose: through the magic of software and hardware, become the patron saint of zero ads. Wherever I go, the expense of my libertine subscription allows me to share my state without ads with friends temporarily, without having to share my logins.
Let's say I go into a party and I hear a horrible Spotify ad. I go to the auxiliary station and politely ask if I can fix it.
"Sure," says the host. "Also, thanks for coming to my party, Paul, you're a great person."
Thanks for coming to my party, Paul. You're a great person.
Open Spotify on your phone and press the "Premium Party Mode" button. Spotify asks you to register on Spotify Premium or to request a party guest with Spotify Premium to authorize it.
I'm the party guest.
I hold my phone on his phone and, thanks to the magic of NFC, I authorize three hours of listening without publicity.
Think about how cool this would be for Spotify. It gives the company a great opportunity to sell to its customers who do not pay and offer them a demonstration of life without ads. In addition, it eliminates the bad disposition that people feel towards Spotify when an ad appears during a party and ruins the environment.
And I come out incredible. The next time there is a party, everyone will say, "Be sure to invite Paul in. He has Spotify Premium, his eternal crusade against ads is likely to be successful, he is also good at conversations and occasionally brings snacks."

Photo of Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

In this new world that I am designing, I can update my roommates to Hulu No Commercials during the hour or so that we are watching TV together, and as soon as I leave the room, they can suffer in the nightmare full of publicity they have I have chosen to live. I can stop sounding like a rich asshole every time I complain about advertising breaks, and possibly with time, they will begin to value me as much as a companion to listen to my suggestions. about what we should see
My phone can become a magic wand that erases ads wherever they occur. At the same time, I will spread the joy and time saving throughout the world, at the same time that I will evangelize the benefits of paying entertainment with dollars instead of over time.
This is gonna be great. We'll have so much fun.
Please, invite me to parties.


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