Jake Paul has decided that it is ‘time to end school shootings’

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In a video posted today on his channel, YouTuber Jake Paul talks to survivors of the tragic school shooting that took place last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as state Senator Marco Rubio, in an uncomfortable and sometimes deaf video What it hopes will help "activate parents and children within their own schools and communities."
In the description of the video, Paul "[vows] is part of the solution and uses my platform to generate awareness and action in all areas," but the execution is often clumsy and painful to watch. On his way to meet one of the students, he looks out the window of the car before noticing that he just wants to "become homies with them and just be there for them." When talking to a student whose shoes were visible in a now viral video of the shooting, Paul seriously asks "are these the shoes?" Are those the shoes of the video? "Paul then pledges to donate $ 25,000" to help be part of This cause ", but does not mention exactly where that money goes.
Their advice on how to make schools safer is thin, including the addition of "check-in points" to schools where students can be identified before entering a building, or advising students to bring them with them a bulletproof portable glass. Instead of focusing on stricter gun laws that control who and how people have access to weapons, Paul seems more concerned with the images of weapons on social media. It calls on "big social media companies" such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram to help point out potential shooters.
"I know that on Instagram, if a girl posts a picture with her nipples out, it is automatically marked and removed from Instagram and reported under a system, so why can not we have the same technology with a child taking a selfie with a gun or a child in a video killing animals? "asks Paul, who has an assault rifle tattooed on his thigh. "That should appear on someone's radar, and these big companies should have a moral responsibility to add that to their warning systems."
Paul seems more concerned with images of weapons in social networks
On the contrary, look no further, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High students such as Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky or David Hogg, who continue to defend better gun laws with a tenacity and passion that promise more change than any of Paul's efforts. In the video of Paul, Kasky is seen pressing Rubio: "Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA in the future?" When Rubio deviates, Kasky persists, until Rubio finally admits: "I will always do it". I accept the help of anyone who agrees with my agenda. The influence of these groups does not come from money. The influences come from the millions of people who agree with the agenda. "
Pablo's questions to Rubio show nothing of that determination, understanding or guts. After greeting the senator with an "Hey, what's up, man!" Paul begins his line of questions on softball: "I think a lot of people think that passing laws is very easy, can you explain some of the struggles around the passage of laws?" "Is there something that people can expect, there is Something new in what you are working or is there something specific? "
Rubio says the key to preventing these tragedies is to be proactive in finding these shooters before a tragedy occurs. "The best thing to do here is to stop someone before they get to school and shoot," says Rubio. It is not clear exactly how he thinks this could be achieved, and as a student of the Florida shooting points out later, authorities were warned about the shooter before the attack. Later, Rubio tells Paul that there were disagreements about the gun laws before the shooting in Florida, and that they will continue later. Paul summarizes what he learned from his interview, which amounts to "Mr. Rubio is working on a couple of different laws" and that more legislative efforts are needed at the local level.
It is admirable that an influencer with followers as big as Paul try to use his platform forever. But his simplistic and uneducated view of gun control offers little to the complicated conversation about weapons in the United States, and his questions about softball to Rubio, which demonstrate a superficial understanding of the problems that arise, are a missed opportunity. Like his brother Logan, who tried to restore his image with a video sensitive to anger to prevent suicide after filming without taste the body of a victim of suicide in Japan, the efforts of Jake Paul feel badly thought and questionable at best.


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