Jay and Silent Bob are coming to virtual reality, whether you’re ready or not

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April 4, 2018
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Filmmaker Kevin Smith entered the film industry for the first time thanks to his 1994 indie comedy, Clerks, without a budget, and now the two most memorable characters in the film will reach virtual reality. Jay and Silent Bob VR will be a series of live action comedies that will be written and directed by Smith, filmed from the point of view of his Silent Bob character while Jason Mewes & # 39; Jay & # 39; Jay & # 39; head a series of idiotic adventures.
It is one of the many virtual reality projects under development announced today by the surrealist division of STX Entertainment, which manages virtual reality and the production of immersive entertainment for the company. Among the other titles are an untitled live action series by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, about a government agent sent to investigate a mysterious plane crash in 1947, and a comedy action by the star of Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Baptist The Kiev Exchange will be a spin-off of director Peter Berg's next action film, Mile 22, while the comedy New Tricks, directed and produced by The Helgover & # 39; s Ed Helms, will follow a vagabond who discovers he is destined to become a powerful magician
The different shows will be released through the application of Surreal, which is scheduled to reach several VR headphones sometime this summer. The first release will be The Limit, a live virtual reality series by Spy Kids and Sin City director Robert Rodriguez, starring Michelle Rodriguez (the Fast & Furious franchise).
With the announcement, it is clear that STX Entertainment is trying to use the relationships and properties it has been developing as a film studio to launch its virtual reality content production business. While it is a sensible strategy in itself, it is not clear how lucrative a market RV can be with this type of narrative content, particularly with the advent of more interactive, location-based virtual reality experiences, such as The Void, to obtain greater exposure. On the other hand, a filmmaker like Kevin Smith is known to have a fanatical and passionate fan base who wants to follow him anywhere, and if that means virtual reality for the constant adventures of Jay and Silent Bob, then STX will definitely have those fanatics covered.


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