Learn to play the musical calculator to impress your nerd friends

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I was introduced for the first time to the concept of a musical calculator when I saw a YouTuber who takes the name "It's a Small World" that covers the Super Mario song with four calculators. Each numbered button corresponded to a musical note, and the mysterious musician (just watch his video "face reveal", takes the genre to new heights as she is the YouTube Bjork) somehow memorized them all to create an 8-bit symphony .
I found myself thinking about the calculators several months later, and I was glad to discover that I could buy my own line. There are a couple of different models of musical calculators, but the most accessible one was AR-7778, which is available on Amazon and AliExpress. I ordered two from AliExpress and received my new musical instruments (?) By mail three weeks later.
Now, I do not have the intellectual ability to master the game of four calculators at once. But all you need to play one is a rudimentary understanding of the main scale, and a review of your "do-re-mis". I marked the buttons with their corresponding keys (it's cheating, but you have to start somewhere) and the rest was like playing the piano.

Dami Lee

I took the calculators to Circuit Breaker Live this week, and I played at full blast with an enthusiastic performance of "All Star." I also surprised myself by fulfilling Darude's "Sandstorm" request, and I think this is my official announcement that I will leave The Verge to be a professional calculator player. You can watch the full episode of Circuit Breaker Live below, and see us on YouTube every Tuesday at 4 p. M. ET.


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