Lockheed Martin introduced the concept of a future attack helicopter

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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

The specialists of the aviation companies Boeing and Sikorsky jointly develop a shock helicopter of the future FVL-M (Future Vertical Lift). Recently, Lockheed Martin Corporation, which includes the Sikorsky company, demonstrated a video with a detailed description of the new machine.
The concept of FVL-M is based on the experimental helicopter Sikorsky X2 with coaxial rotors and a tail rotor that pushes, which provides a higher speed of 475 km / h than helicopters of the same type. For example, our Mi-8 has only 265 km / h.
It is planned to release two versions of FVL-M: military transport and crash, which will replace obsolete Black Hawk and Apache.
The design of the bolts provides a more comfortable landing, and the thrust screw and active rudders: improved control, maneuverability, as well as rapid acceleration and braking in a horizontal flight.
There is also an active suppression of the vibration, which will make the helicopter more comfortable and less noisy. Both models are very similar, thanks to units and joint units, including power plants. The military transport option is designed to carry 12 paratroopers. The FVL-M Shock will be equipped with a pistol, advanced air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground missiles.
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