Marina Abramović plans to electrify herself with 1 million volts

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April 6, 2018
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Artist Marina Abramović is known for her unpredictable and boundary-pushing interpretations, some of which sound like schemes the It's Always Sunny characters in Philadelphia would have presented on a particularly beer-drenched Sunday. During his 1973 Rhythm 10 performance, Abramović threw a knife quickly between his fingers, cutting himself several times. One year later, in Rhythm 0, he placed 72 objects on a table, one of which was a loaded weapon, and asked his audience to use the items the way they wanted.
For his next show at the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom, Abramović plans to electrify himself with 1 million volts, reports The London Times. Then she will try to extinguish a candle with the electric charge accumulated in the tips of her fingers.
Abramović will be the first woman to take charge of the main gallery of the Royal Academy, so she will support the Royal Academy for having taken 250 years to find a woman. According to reports, he will be working with the engineer and founder of Factum Arte, Adam Lowe, who told the Times: "Electricity is something that people do not really understand, but if you look on the Internet, you will see people being very charged and while they are isolated, you can blow pieces of a ray of your fingers ".
It is true. The details of Abramović's performance may be limited at the moment: will she herself administer the scare? Will the voltage be applied all at once, or gradually? Do you plan to use a Taser or something more sophisticated? – but if you "look on the Internet", in fact there are many illuminating examples of people zapping.
Here is a video that opens with a man who says: "Alright boys, we come back with more punishment". Then watch as his friend repeatedly bangs his forearm with a 1 million-volt stun bat:

And here's a really impressive performance of a man trying to determine if the electric current of a stun baton will pass through a Pepsi can and a pair of kitchen tongs. Spoiler: "Oh, shit, he does."

Here is one of a man who calls himself "Fillthy Fill". Here, Fillthy Fill asks one of his generous friends to hit him in the back with a 2 million volt stun gun and hold him for three seconds. Unfortunately, Fill does not last three seconds. Instead, he instantly wrinkles into a pile of pillows and observes: "I think I can smell my skin burning."

Fortunately, we can expect Abramović to elevate this much praised art form, even if the details are not yet resolved. According to The Times, she and Lowe plan to use techniques associated with Kirlian photography, or electrophotography, in which the images are produced by a high-voltage energy source.
Abramović's show will not open until 2020, so you'll have plenty of time to peruse the thousands of videos of YouTube stunners that are now artistic canons.


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