Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to seven years in prison

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Martin Shkreli, who became famous as the CEO of "pharma bro" that massively increased the price of antiparasitic treatment, has been sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of fraud unrelated to the price increase, according to CNBC.
Shkreli's defense team requested only about a year in prison
While Shkreli's defense team argued that he should only receive a sentence of about a year, prosecutors had pressed for at least 15 years, saying that Shkreli had shown no remorse for his actions. A judge announced the decision on the sentence at a hearing today, where Shkreli allegedly cried while begging for clemency.
Shkreli made his first appearance in the public eye in 2015, after the drug price increase of 5,000 percent. The decision led him to be despised as "the most hated man in the United States." Often, it seemed to soak up the reputation, smile memorably while pleading the Fifth during a hearing in Congress.
However, your prison sentence is not linked to those actions. Prosecutors accused Shkreli of lying to investors while he was the CEO of a different pharmaceutical company.
Shkreli gained even more public scrutiny after it was revealed that he was the mysterious buyer of a unique Wu Tang Clan album. In a further indignity for Shkreli, a judge also ordered this week that the album, along with other valuable possessions, be confiscated from the government.


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