Mercedes is adding smart headlights to its Maybach

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Mercedes' futuristic headlights will be included in a limited number of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class cars, Daimler announced today.
Mercedes first demonstrated a LED grid in 2015 in its research car F 015, but these new digital lights are supposedly more accurate than multi-beam LED headlights. Each intelligent HD quality headlight has more than one million pixels and can control where and how much light is thrown in front of the car. They have sensors that control the brightness level so that viewers or nearby drivers are not blinded by lights.
The headlights are also capable of projecting information on the road. For example, if you drive through a construction site, you can project two lines of light to show the width of the car and guide it so that it does not drive too close to either side. Or if you get too close to the car in front and drive faster than 18.6 miles per hour, your car will project a rear collision warning symbol to warn you.

Credit: Daimler AG

Selected customers who buy these cars can expect delivery sometime within the first half of this year. The number of cars with these headlights will be limited, but eventually this technology should be extended to other brands. For example, Volkswagen is committed to integrating a matrix of LED lights in its upcoming Vizzion futuristic car that will be able to project images and messages.


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