Microsoft accidentally reveals Windows 10 on ARM limitations

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February 18, 2018
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February 19, 2018

Microsoft released Windows 10 PC with ARM engine with "all day" battery in December. While HP, Asus and Lenovo devices are not yet for sale, we are still waiting to learn more about the limitations of Windows 10 for these new PCs. Microsoft published a complete list of limitations last week, first detected by Thurrott, which details what to expect from Windows 10 in ARM. This list must have been published by accident, since the software giant eliminated it during the weekend, so only cached copies of the information are available.

Only ARM64 drivers are supported. Windows 10 in ARM can run x86 applications, but can not use x86 drivers. That should not be a problem for most hardware, but if you have some older peripherals, then it's likely …

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