Microsoft’s Xbox spring update adds 1440p support and new Mixer features

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Microsoft today detailed its next update of the Xbox Spring, which is now available to those who are part of the "Alpha Ring" group of Xbox Insider. The most notable addition to the update is the support for 1440p video output, which is a popular resolution option for PC gamers who prefer to maintain high frame rates instead of prioritizing 4K images. With 1440p support on Xbox One S and X, those with compatible monitors should take full advantage of 2560 x 1440, or "QHD," screens.
Part of the update also includes new interactive features for the Microsoft Twitch Mixer competitor, which Microsoft relaunched last year after changing the Beam service brand acquired in 2016. Now, the Mixer streamers that transmit on Xbox One can share their controller with a viewer who is watching the transmission through, and the viewer can control the game of the transmission, either with an Xbox controller connected to a PC or a virtual gamepad on screen. The mixer transmissions will also stop rather than stop when the coils change game, and Microsoft will add the ability to initiate transmissions from anywhere within the Xbox One interface.
Those are the big changes, but to know the complete breakdown of the software changes that will arrive at the end of this spring to the Xbox One, consult the publication of Microsoft.


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