Moment launches a smartphone filmmaking line with its first anamorphic lens

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March 27, 2018
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The moment returns to Kickstarter with another series of lenses and accessories for additional phones, but this time they are directed directly to the filmmakers, not to the photographers.
The launch of the product is headed by a single new lens: an anamorphic $ 149, which allows filmmakers to capture extra-large images with long lens flares, providing an aspect frequently used in highly successful films. Like Moment's previous lenses, the anamorphic is designed to be placed on the existing camera lens on your iPhone, Pixel or Galaxy, altering the field of view you can see.
Anamorphic lenses capture such a wide field of view, they have to compress the image so it can fit into a standard size sensor (or film strip). When shooting digitally, you must "untangle" the image after shooting. Moment plans to update your camera application to allow you to tighten the image while shooting, and can do so with other applications, such as Filmic Pro. I could see the lens in action briefly, and it was amazing to see such a large image coming from a phone.
Moment will not have the first anamorphic lens adapter on the market – Moondog Labs had a year ago, which was used to shoot Tangerine on an iPhone 5S – but this is the first time that Moment has offered one. And for people who have already purchased Moment's lens system, which locks the lenses in place using a phone shell, it's probably the best option.

Moment filter adapter on a Moment lens in a Moment case; The new Moment gimbal is seen on the left side of the Osmo Mobile 2 stabilizer. Photo: moment

Moment will launch another three articles for filmmakers through the Kickstarter that is launching today. The first is a version of Moment's battery case designed for the iPhone X; the second is a new counterweight for gimbals, such as the Osmo Mobile 2, designed to work on more models; and the third is a lens filter support (which has already been available for preorder) that is placed on top of any of Moment's objectives and allows you to add standard ND and other filters.
The battery case feels very sturdy and looks good, too. Moment has built an ingenious folding mechanism on top of it, so the case is easy to attach and remove, and can be loaded on Lightning or Qi wireless chargers, which is convenient. There is also a built-in two-stage camera button. The drawback is that the case feels very big.
If you are going to shoot for a while, you will probably need the extra battery, but it will not allow you to shoot all day long. Therefore, although it could be part of this film release, it is probably a better product for photographers. (One way or another, if you use the Moment system, you will have to buy one of its cases as the lenses join them.) Fortunately, Moment sells normal cases for $ 30 or less.
The box will sell for $ 99, and the filters and the counterweight each will go for $ 39. That's the price on Kickstarter at least; the final prices will rise a little once they are on sale at the Moment store. While you generally wish to distrust buying through Kickstarter, Moment has a proven track record of shipping products, and the development of the four elements launched through this campaign has already been completed, so there is much less risk here. usual. It is assumed that the products will start shipping in June.


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