More than a thousand robots set a new world record for synchronized dance

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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

During the past year, the holder of the world record in the nomination "the most massive dance with the participation of robots" has already changed three times. The latest achievement, officially registered by the representatives of the Guinness Book of Records, took place in China. 1069 Dobi model robots produced by WL Intelligent Technology danced synchronously with electronic music.
This commercially available humanoid robot has a height of 47 cm and has great mobility. All robots are managed remotely, with the help of the application for the smartphone, but with an external identity are distinguished by "peculiarities of character". Several copies could not withstand the moral collapse and the attack of nerves: they fell off the stage at the height of the dance, which was taken into account when fixing the record.
In any case, 1069 robots are much more than 1007 dance machines from Ever Win Company, which holds the previous record, established several months ago. A fact worthy of mention: the entire dance ensemble was administered from a single tablet. And even before, in April 2016, UBTECH Robotics showed an ideally synchronized dance of 540 robots.
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