MoviePass CEO formally apologizes for controversial location-tracking comments

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March 13, 2018
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MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe issued an open letter apologizing for comments he made about tracking customer locations earlier this month. "First of all, I apologize for these comments and the concern they caused, and at MoviePass, we take customer privacy very seriously," Lowe wrote. The letter was posted on the MoviePass website and clarifies that the application currently uses standard location services on a voluntary basis. Lowe said that MoviePass would only identify the location of a member, what happens when a user requests a search in nearby theaters or when a member requests to register in a theater.
Lowe made the initial comments, sparking the protests at the Entertainment Finance Forum in early March, saying: "We see how he handles movies from home, we see where he goes next," according to a Media Play News report. His comments caused furor, alarming both technology journalists and customers, and prompted MoviePass to update its iOS application last week to eliminate "unused application location capability" or background tracking capabilities. The open letter indicates that MoviePass "does not use and has never used this feature".
"First of all, I apologize for these comments and the concern they caused."
Lowe states, however, that although MoviePass has partnerships with theaters and studios where they offer data on trends such as the use of tickets, it will never disclose individual identities, personal information or personal data.
Even so, the company has not ruled out future changes on how it collects data. The FAQ section of the site includes a question that asks "could I eventually sell my personal information to a third party in the future?". One response reads: "If, in the future, MoviePass wishes to expand our offer, we will modify our Privacy Policy and notify our members so that they have the opportunity to opt into the MoviePass service or not." The subscription service indicates that it deals with the member data with "maximum sensitivity" and that users will always have the option to choose which location-based services are right for them.
Lowe & # 39; s comments this month add to a series of public criticism for the company after MoviePass stopped supporting major AMC theaters in major cities in January after months of disputes.


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