Netflix decides not to gamify children’s shows after all

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Netflix has decided "not to advance" with the gamification children's programs, the company announced today. Previously, Netflix had been testing a new feature for children that allowed them to get "patches" to watch episodes of certain shows. The function was intended to encourage children to watch certain Netflix Originals.
Netflix said in a statement today to The Verge: "We have completed the patch test and have decided not to go ahead with the children's show, we tried a lot on Netflix to learn what works well and what does not work well for our members."
The shows that had been selected were marked with red locks (for some unclear reason) for the selected users who had been included in the test. Netflix chose programs and films such as Trollhunters, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Home and The Magic School Bus Rides Again.
Some of the comments that Netflix received from users was simply confusion. The function did not seem to be completely baked because you could not do anything with the patches once you won them. Okay, it was just a test. More vocal critics, however, called the movement ethically dubious for promoting behaviors that could make young children addicted to television. After all, for a handful of children, the patches have really convinced them to see an excessive amount of Trolls.

At the end of each episode: "Mom, we received a PRIZE!" – Mia (@mrsmiamac) March 7, 2018

Ultimately, it is likely that Netflix decided that the vast majority of user responses were not positive enough to merit the maintenance of the function.

After thinking a bit more about the @netflix "patches" program for children, it is evident in how many levels it is dangerous. # netflix- Kyle Anderson (@kalestew) March 13, 2018


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