Netflix has bought the rights to Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe comics

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Netflix bought the comic book rights Extreme Universe from comic book creator Rob Liefeld in a massive seven-figure deal, according to a Deadline report. The agreement gives Netflix movie rights to six of Liefeld's titles: Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf and Kaboom.
Liefeld is best known as the original co-creator of the Deadpool character with Fabian Nicieza, but after a fight with Marvel, Liefeld left the company to found Image Comics, where he would write a variety of series with new, original characters such as Kaboom, Bloodstrike , the undead murder team and Battlestone under his Extreme Studios brand. Netflix will use that franchise for its films, although some of Extreme's other more popular books, including Youngblood, Supreme, Glory and Prophet, are not mentioned as part of the purchase of Netflix, which makes it unclear if the service of transmission will be able to adapt those characters as well.
The latest superhero acquisition for the transmission company
Netflix buying Extreme Universe comics rights is the latest superhero acquisition for the broadcast company, which also bought Mark Millar's Millarworld comics publisher last year as a source of adaptive material. It's a movement that makes sense: even if it's not said that Disney is moving its Netflix Marvel series to its own broadcast service when it launches next year, it's logical that Netflix is ​​looking to build its own stable of superheroes that are not low Disney's thumb.
The films will be overseen by Akiva Goldsman, who will establish and direct a writers room to adapt the comics, similar to what he did in the past for the Transformers franchise, the Hasbro film universe and the OY YA book series. Goldsman also wrote infamous Batman & Robin, co-wrote Batman Forever and made his directorial debut with The Winter & # 39; s Tale, which he also wrote and produced. Goldsman is also currently working on another collaboration with Liefeld to adapt the Avengelyne comics in Paramount, which Goldsman could direct. (In defense of Goldsman, he also has an Oscar for best screenplay adapted by A Beautiful Mind.) Liefeld's association, with its stagnant mentality in the 90s and polarizing work, with Goldsman (the mind that brought us Transformers movies) and the terrible puns of Batman and Robin, by Mr. Freeze) could be a recipe for disaster, although things are still quite early in the process.
This marks the second time that someone tries to turn Extreme Universe comics into a series of movies: last year, Liefeld and Goldsman went to work with producer Graham King and Fundamental Films to bring the comics to the big screen, but the agreement did not work.


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