Netflix “stories” are here with 30-second video previews in mobile apps

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April 19, 2018
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April 19, 2018

Netflix will launch a new feature called mobile previews today, which is essentially a story version in apps like Instagram and Snapchat that show previews of programs and movies in the subscription service.
30-second mobile videos are trailers and they play vertically, so you do not have to flip the phone to see them.

The previews are at the top of the screen when you start the application and appear as circles that you touch to start the preview. Netflix describes these clips as "slide shows" and you can add them to your list or view them immediately.
To skip, simply slide or touch the screen to go to the next preview. (Again, it's the same interaction I would use to control similar functions on Instagram.) Even the design of Netflix TV previews is familiar, with a progress bar at the top and additional blocks to show that there are more videos within the set.
The show seems to be live in the United States, but was not yet available to The Verge employees in Europe. Netflix introduced video previews on its TV interface last year and says that mobile previews are customized according to the user's taste. Mobile previews are spreading to iOS apps today with support for Android "coming soon".


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