New Apple patent imagines an OLED screen as a keyboard for MacBooks

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With the latest redesign of the MacBook Pro, Apple introduced the Touch Bar, a small OLED screen that replaced the function keys on the top of the keyboard. But the company could be looking to take that concept much further, with a new patent for a full OLED screen keyboard, through Apple Insider.
In other words, Apple's patent answers the unspoken question, "What would happen if the touch bar were the full keyboard?"

Apple, 2019: "We would like to introduce you to the MacBook Pro 2. We have listened to your comments and replaced the entire keyboard with touch bars." – Chaim Gartenberg (@cgartenberg) January 4, 2018

The patent (first discovered by Patently Apple) is officially for a "dual screen team with improved visibility and suppressed reflections", and describes two versions of what could be a final device. One sounds more like a MacBook, where the two screens are part of a single device, connected by a hinge, while the other describes the second screen of the keyboard as an accessory for a device (such as an iPad keyboard accessory, for example ).
The patent also describes the use of polarizers to minimize the reflections of the two screens to each other, which is an intelligent addition to solve that problem if Apple really wanted to build this as a real device.
Of course, for now this is just a patent, which does not really mean that we will see it on any hardware in the future. (Given the somewhat lackluster reaction to the Touch Bar, that might not necessarily be a bad thing).


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