New Huawei P20 photos show a dual-camera system

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February 23, 2018
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Recently Huawei debuted with Mate 10 Pro at CES, and is already preparing to launch another phone called P20. Now, phone images have appeared on the website of China's telecoms regulator TENAA, giving a look at four sides, as reported by GMS Arena.
Previous rumors about the device say it could have a system of three lenses and a notch (like the iPhone X), but these photos show only two camera lenses. The vertical configuration houses a laser autofocus and a dual LED flash. On top of that there are two camera lenses, and in the front there is another configuration of double lenses for selfies.

Image: TENAA

Huawei has had some approximate months in the United States. Mate 10 Pro entered the market without operators' associations, has faced espionage accusations for the Chinese government, was recently caught making people write fake reviews on the Best Buy website, and the FBI, the CIA and the NSA warned against using Huawei products. The director of the FBI, Chris Wray, said the government was "deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity committed to foreign governments that do not share our values ​​to acquire positions of power within our telecommunications networks."
Huawei will debut with its new device at an event in Paris on March 27, and three different levels are expected: the P20, the P20 Lite and the P20 Plus. The appearance of a notch is to be determined, but the company released a short presentation video that seems to feed the rumor of the three cameras. Although the previous model shows two cameras and Android Central recently showed another dual camera phone that, he said, was an early P20, it is possible that the prototypes and images that have been leaked so far are two-camera models, and a model has three .


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