New trailers: Deadpool 2, Cobra Kai, Sicario 2, and more

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March 24, 2018
This week in tech, 20 years ago: March 24, 1998
March 24, 2018

I finally got to see Call me By Your Name last weekend, and it's just as wonderful as everyone has been saying. There's a lot I could talk about here, but one thing that really interested me was the look of the movie: the oppressive Italian heat, the dreamy colors and the feeling that you're there with these people, in their space, watching them live.
It turns out that the entire film was shot on a single lens: a 35mm lens, which provides a point of view just a little wider than the human eye. The director of photography of the film, Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, said that the goal was to create a "neutral perspective".
Mukdeeprom achieved a lot that. There is a very strange feeling about a lot of the movie, as if you were lucky enough to be in a space that you are not supposed to, seeing how these events unfold. That works perfectly for a movie that tries to show the beginning of a delicate and hidden relationship, and adds to the special that each moment feels.
Check out nine trailers this week below.

Deadpool 2
Deadpool 2 is two months away, and this is the first trailer that Fox has released and that really looks like a full trailer. I keep hoping to hate what I'm seeing because of the love of the series for the gross and exaggerated humor, but it seems that everyone is having too much fun to worry about. The love of the film for meta-humor in commenting on what we have just seen is particularly great. It seems the same formula that propelled the first Deadpool with great success, simply bigger. It leaves on May 18.

Sicario, Soldier's Day
I'm still baffled that a sequel can be made in Sicario, but here we are. The sequel has some of the characters in the first film (but not the main character) and, more importantly, retains the wonderfully desolate and disturbing tone of the original. Since the last trailer of the movie came out, the name of Sicario 2: Soldier to Sicario, Soldier's Day has been changed. The coma offends me above all. It leaves on June 29.

Come on Sunday
Chiwetel Ejiofor stars in this biopic of Carlton Pearson, an evangelical pastor who began to lose members of his church after he began preaching that hell did not exist. The film adapts a version of its story told in 2005 in This American Life, and it seems a quiet and personal take on a great religious controversy. This is Netflix on April 13.

The spy who left me
Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon star in this exaggerated release of Bond films that makes the two women assume the role of accidental secret agents. Everything seems to be a great vehicle for McKinnon to have fun, and that is not a bad approach. The movie comes out on August 3.

Under the silver lake
After breaking with the horror movie It Follows a few years ago, director David Robert Mitchell has returned with a fun, neurotic and modern noir that has Andrew Garfield running around Los Angeles looking for clues of some kind of Illuminati. It leaves on June 22.

The rain
Netflix has a new YA series that is about a group of teenagers trying to survive in an apocalyptic world after a virus has wiped out most of society. This first advance is a bit light on the details, but it seems like the kind of thing an audience will find. It leaves on May 4.

Cobra Kai
Well, this is what happens when you re-emerge a series three decades later as a low-budget television show. You receive quotes like this, said by a 50-year-old man to a teenager, who should summarize the experience of watching this trailer: "I'm going to show you the style of karate they taught me." A method to fight your generation of criminal thinking desperately needs to ". It reminds me of the subtle wisdom dispensed by Mr. Miyagi in the original. The series will premiere on YouTube Red on May 2.

The Titan
Netflix released an advance this week for a science fiction / horror film that feels a bit like Alien, but set in a military base on an apocalyptic Earth (and without any extraterrestrial). This advance starts slow and hits a lot of familiar rhythms, but in the end, it begins to show the kind of horror elements that are really going to make or break the movie. It leaves on March 30.

You will not be my neighbor
The week is over. We have all achieved it. Please relax with this incredibly sweet trailer for a documentary about Mr. Rogers.


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