New trailers: The Grinch, Mary Poppins Returns, Christopher Robin, and more

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March 10, 2018
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March 10, 2018

I finally saw Black Panther last weekend. While there have been many great Marvel movies, this one in particular felt like a phenomenon that could not be missed (and the box office numbers back it up). It's easily the best Marvel movie I've seen.
What Black Panther does so well, that so many other films fail, is infusing his story with significant big ideas and having a villain with real motives. Compare it to Thor: Ragnarok, where the villain was only an excuse for battle, and the difference is perfectly clear: the battle here not only means success for our hero, it means success for one vision of the world over another.
What is particularly nice is that, although Killmonger is the villain, his motivation is largely not evil: he has simply taken his beliefs to a dangerous extreme. The fact that the film leaves space for the audience and that T & # 39; Challa learns from him makes it even better. That's why Chadwick Boseman calls his own character the villain.
Check out nine trailers this week below.

The Grinch
I think this adaptation of The Grinch, which has Benedict Cumberbatch expressing the Grinch, could risk that the Grinch can also be identified. Because, frankly, I would be on the same page if I woke up with "Happy". The movie will be released on November 9.

A new documentary analyzes the life and career of the judicial icon and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The documentary considers Ginsburg's rise into an icon and her work in the Supreme Court, but also recalls her work as a lawyer to show how it helped to consolidate women's equality under the law in the United States. The movie comes out on May 4th.

Lost in Space
Here is the first real breakthrough for the reboot of Netflix's Lost in Space. And, um, wow, the robot sure has changed. Its design seems to have been "Demogorgon, but made of metal and not so evil". The first season leaves on April 13.

Mary Poppins returns
I have never seen the original Mary Poppins, nor read the books, so I really have no idea what is going on here or why everything is so dark and strange. But anyway, here is the first breakthrough of the restarted Mary Poppins, starring Emily Blunt in the lead role and with the co-star of Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with other recognizable names. The movie comes out at Christmas.

Christopher Robin
This seems unusually depressing for a Winnie the Pooh movie. The film is about an adult Christopher Robin who defrauds his family and struggles to keep his job until a mysterious and animated Pooh appears, and he rightly believes he is going crazy. What about the depressing restarts this week? It leaves on August 3.

Number 37
SXSW started this week, and a lot of trailers have come out for films that go through the festival. I do not include many here, since you will not be able to see most of them for a while, but this one stood out as one of the best. In his first feature film, director Nosipho Dumisa has created a rear window style scenario among a group of criminals in South Africa. It seems quite tense and exciting from this first breakthrough and it is worth checking out.

A series of unfortunate events
Here is the first full trailer of the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It looks as strange and gloomy as the first one, and wonderfully peculiar too. The new season will debut on March 30.

First match
Here is another feature film debut directed at SXSW. Olivia Newman's film is about a teenager from Brownsville, Brooklyn, who joins a male wrestling team. It seems an intense and emotional turn in the typical sports movie. He heads to Netflix on March 30.

Take your pills
Netflix also collected a documentary about Adderall, which deals with how the medication should be used and how it is being increasingly abused. The doc covers its misuse on college campuses and competitive workplaces, delves into why it is happening and puts everything in perspective with a look at the people that Adderall and similar medications are really helping. It leaves on March 16.


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