Nintendo is looking for startups to build new Switch accessories

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April 12, 2018
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April 12, 2018

Nintendo is partnering with venture capital firm Scrum Ventures to try to find new startups and teams that work on more Switch accessories, according to a Bloomberg report. One of the most interesting parts of Nintendo Switch is its modular nature, which makes it easy to connect new components to the console. Now, it seems that Nintendo is actively looking for new ideas to continue taking advantage of that.
Working with outside companies has become a successful trend for Nintendo in recent years
As Bloomberg points out, the open search for new companies to work is not exactly a traditional Nintendo move, but since Switch is already a non-traditional console for the company, a non-traditional approach may be the right way to continue. the forward momentum that Nintendo has had until now. However, Nintendo has had successful partnerships with companies such as Niantic and DeNA to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS (including the popular Pokémon Go) or the next partnership with Universal to develop a movie and a Mario theme park.
Apparently, Scrum will work with the teams to launch ideas to Nintendo in the fall, which will help bring them to market, although neither company will invest directly in the new companies. In addition, it is said that the focus is specifically on hardware innovations; Software ideas will not be considered.
The news comes when Nintendo is about to launch its own Switch hardware accessory, ready to use, on April 20: Nintendo Labo. Extend the switch with toys and homemade cardboard games, allowing players to use the portable console as a giant robot suit, a piano and more.


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