Norway will build the world’s largest navigable tunnel

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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

Norway officially announced plans to build the largest tunnel in the world: Stad tunnel for ships 1.7 km long for the passage of maritime vessels in the northwest of the country. The cost of the project is 312 million dollars.
The tunnel, made on a rocky peninsula, will allow cruise ships and cargo ships to cross one of the most dangerous sections of the Norwegian coast, without fear of strong winds and multimeter waves.
The tunnel will be 37 meters high and 26.5 meters wide. According to the plan, construction will begin in 2019 and, if the works progress as planned, the first ships will sail through the tunnel in 2023. Their capacity per day is up to 100 vessels of various kinds.
Representatives of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, responsible for the implementation of the project, reported that during construction it is necessary to extract about 3 million cubic meters of rock.
The Norwegian publication will build the world's largest navigable tunnel that first appeared in Indocent.


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