Now you can get Spotify and Hulu together for just $12.99 each month

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Spotify and Hulu are now expanding their partnership and offering a set of both services to all consumers for $ 12.99 per month. That price gives Spotify Premium and traditional, video on demand Hulu (with ads).
Existing Spotify Premium customers can take a three-month trial of Hulu for an additional cost of $ 0.99 / month before deciding whether they want to make a complete change to the $ 12.99 plan. The problem is that the trial version is only available to new Hulu subscribers or to those who canceled at least 12 months ago. If your service was inactive at any time last year, you should go directly to the subscription of $ 12.99, which is still a good deal. (Spotify handles billing for both services, if you're curious).

Photo of Chris Welch / The Verge

This package started as an offer only for students in September, but now it is being implemented more widely. The main benefit is the savings: Spotify Premium costs $ 9.99 a month and Hulu is $ 7.99. So you are paying $ 4.99 less than what you would pay if you subscribe to them separately. ]
It's a safe deal, even if it's not as surprising as the student package, which is $ 4.99 per month for both services. But we ordinary people would never get this combo for such a cheap monthly rate. And there's something to be said to simplify things and put two popular streaming services in one bill.


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