OnePlus fixes HD streaming on 5 and 5T, but you’ll have to mail your phone in

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In December, we learned that OnePlus 5 and 5T phones could not transmit high definition video. The company has now solved the problem, but there is a drawback if you want to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime: you must mail your phone to the company to install the update.
The phone's inability to stream high-definition streams of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime comes from the lack of device support for Google's Widevine DRM level 1, which several services require to stream high-definition video. The phone is compatible with Widevine Level 3, which allows standard transmission. As Dan Seifert noted in December, the phone's hardware is certainly capable of supporting HD images, and that was a strange omission.
In a post on the company's forums (through 9to5Google), community administrator David Y explained that the devices must be sent by mail because the phone must be physically connected to a PC authenticated at the company. It also says that the company will cover shipping costs (but only in North America, Europe, India and China), and that users should expect their phone to return within "five business days when we receive it." Those who want to get an updated phone should contact the OnePlus customer service team.
While it is good to see that the phone can be updated to live up to its potential, the steps to update the phone are certainly inconvenient, since consumers will be without your phone for more than a week. But AndroidPolice points out that the update must be provided from a "trusted environment".


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