Only a fool would dare interrupt Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini from opening a door

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February 20, 2018
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February 21, 2018

It was only a week ago that the world could see what the Boston Dynamics SpotMini robot dog has been doing. Not only did he make a new friend, he also learned how to open the doors for that friend. How sweet.
However, a follow-up video published today by the company owned by SoftBank reveals a serious error by one of its creators. The video, entitled "Testing Robustness," shows a human trying to interfere with SpotMini's door opening routine. First he stops the robot with a hockey stick, pushing his new arm away from the door. When that did not work, hold the door against the robot to prevent it from opening successfully. SpotMini persists, which causes the man to pull the robot by the back and drag it …

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