Paul Manafort’s downfall aided by his inability to convert a PDF into a Word doc

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Virtually everyone can agree that a complete understanding of document file types is almost a revolutionary science. It is not clear to anyone, except perhaps Bill Gates, why it is so difficult to use Microsoft Word to edit a PDF file and how to make changes to that file without routing it through half a dozen different applications and re-saving it twice. many times
But whether you are sending online information regarding your voter registration, or submitting a rental application for an apartment, or creating a fraudulent statement of profit and loss to receive a loan against property acquired with undeclared foreign funds linked to A Russian oligarch, you may find yourself with the need to perform this complex task, as did Paul Manafort. So it's no wonder that Manafort, the former campaign director of President Donald Trump who faces 32 charges of fiscal, financial and banking fraud in the Mueller investigation, has been a victim of this former technological minefield, as noted by Ars Technica. today.
Manafort told his business partner to convert a PDF to a Word document in order to commit fraud.
According to the new indictment of Mueller's investigation against Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates, a primary test against the duo was a series of emails sent to Gates that contained instructions for Gates to convert a PDF file into a Word document so that Manafort could falsify the contents of the file to inflate your income to qualify for a loan.
Apparently, Manafort needed the money to buy expensive houses in New York after former Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovych, for whom Manafort was a political advisor and lobbyist, was forced into exile in Russia during the Ukrainian Revolution. That, in turn, exhausted one of Manafort's main revenue streams, which led him to allegedly channel money through overseas accounts and falsify records to obtain mortgages for multi-million dollar homes in SoHo and Hamptons.
Apparently, Manafort could not do the document conversion on its own, and could not find a way to edit the PDF directly with the mystical toolkit known as Adobe Acrobat. So the trail he created by telling Gates via e-mail to handle the task helped Mueller's investigation uncover the fraud and build a case against the duo.
Of course, to be totally fair, who of us is not guilty of having to modify one or two lines in a PDF and turn to a friend for help? So, if someone is at fault here, it's probably Microsoft.


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