“Peer-reviewed rap” and more: five sources of music about science

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Last week, I profiled rapper Dessa before the release of her new album, Chime. Chime, I wrote, is inspired by science but not music "about" science; there are no songs that explain the electrodes or the brain waves.
So, where is all music about science that uses scientific data or teaches some facts? Do not fear, there are many examples (in no particular order). All the songs of They Might Be Giants & Here Comes ScienceOkay, so the album is technically for children, but it's wonderful enough that you did not guess if it had not. I just told you.

The ClimateMusic ProjectThe artist Stephan Crawford directs a collective, two composers, four climate scientists, who creates music based on climate data. He performs concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area and hopes to expand around the world.

The peer-reviewed rap of Baba Brinkman. The scientific accuracy of the letters is checked, and the hits cover a wide range of topics: consciousness, medicine, climate change, evolution. The New York Times reviewed his show live in 2011: "smart and entertaining."

A capella science There is a full YouTube channel to read carefully, but I will leave this version of "Despacito" here.

Oh, and a certain Disney song that now deals with exoplanets.

Symphony of Science This musical project is less about the accumulation of facts, and more a celebration of popular science, remixing clips of renowned science educators such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.


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