Pinterest’s new feed has just your friends’ pins, and no algorithmic recommendations

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March 29, 2018
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Pinterest is presenting a new, but decidedly familiar, feature today: a feed, which will show the recent pins of the people and the tables you are following. And fortunately, the food will be displayed largely in chronological order.
The current experience of Pinterest already revolves around a pin feed, but does not take into account who you follow. Over time, Pinterest says it discovered that the pins it placed algorithmically in the feed showed a much greater commitment than the pins of the people that users choose to follow, so their main feed has become almost completely algorithmic, based on interests. that users have selected and the things that they have been setting
That diet is not going to change. But Pinterest says you hear enough people who want to see exactly what their friends and others are doing. The new tab, called Next, will only show the last pins of the people and the tables that you have chosen to follow. Pinterest says it will also give brands, influencers and other personalities a way to interact more directly with people in the network. The section begins to be implemented today on the Pinterest website, as well as in its iOS and Android applications, where it will be shown as a main option right next to the original feed.
The chronological feeds are making a comeback (very small)
Pinterest says that the next feed will be almost entirely chronological: the publications will not appear higher simply because they have received more participation or because the site believes they will like you more. The only time you'll mess with the feed is if one of the people you're still posting a lot of things in a row; In that case, they may not all show up at once, so you can see more quickly what other people are writing down.
That means that, although Pinterest is introducing another feed in the middle of an ongoing crisis about the propagation of propaganda and false information on social networks, the next tab is not as likely to run into those problems. Since it is not based on algorithmic recommendations, users have much more control over what they see, and there is no obvious way for bad actors to play against the system. A representative from Pinterest also said that the platform is not widely used to share news, and that it was more common for people to write long readings that they wanted to update later.
Somehow, this feed actually gives Pinterest a full circle. The site was launched with a more traditional feed, then included algorithmic recommendations to improve the experience. Other social networks have gone through the same process: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name three, often to the frustration of users. And recently, we've seen some of these networks start to go back in the other direction: Instagram shows first more recent photos, Facebook shows more content from their friends and Snapchat separates friends and brands.


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