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Pornhub started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option, the company announced today. The site now accepts Verge cryptocurrencies (unrelated to The Verge), a renamed version of Dogecoindark, which was separated from the original meme currency, Dogecoin, in 2014. Now, users can pay for any Pornhub feature, including a Premium subscription. , using Verge cryptocurrency. The adult sister sites of Pornhub, Brazzers and Nutaku, also accept Verge cryptocurrencies now.
Verge cryptocurrency is focused on anonymity, which is why Pornhub executives say they chose it over other potential partners. It should be noted that anyone can see Verge cryptocurrency transactions through their public ledger, but uses the Tor anonymity tool and an I2P anonymous network layer to hide addresses and IP locations from specific transactions. Since public books often have their flaws in the protection of anonymity, users also choose to hide in the private Verge cryptocurrency book.
Corey Price, VP at Pornhub, tells The Verge that the cryptocurrency offers "convenience and security." It is a dubious claim, considering that most digital currencies have high transaction fees and volatile prices that can be a nuisance for users. Companies like Valve and Stripe have terminated their cryptocurrency support for those same reasons. Stripe has even added cryptocurrency to its list of prohibited businesses.
"We've been looking at crypto for quite some time"
Verge cryptocurrency has been quite volatile, like other popular digital currencies. Last December, when most of the digital currencies were increasing, the Verge cryptocurrency reached almost $ 0.22 per coin, but since then it has dropped. Immediately after this announcement today, it rose to around 10 cents per coin, which is still low compared to the more popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
"We have been looking for cryptography for quite some time," says Price, adding that the associated sites of Pornhub accepted limited cryptocurrencies when Bitcoin had recently emerged as a digital currency. Still, Pornhub was not one of the sites to include cryptocurrencies as a method of payment at that time, probably because Bitcoin prices were still low.
Price says that although "general adoption is relatively low, we believe it has gained enough energy to penetrate the market." As regulators consider different ways to approach the cryptocurrency industry, the company also has a legal team and accountants who have ensured Price and his team "in the legitimacy of adoption."


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