Rachio’s new smart sprinkler controller can detect leaks

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March 20, 2018
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March 20, 2018

Rachio today presents a new version of its intelligent sprinkler controller, with a slight design adjustment and a handful of new features. Among them is the support for faster Wi-Fi 5GHz, although it is difficult to imagine that this is terribly useful for a sprinkler system, as well as the "hyperlocal" weather information so that the system can better determine when to water the lawn and controls to make your system start and stop watering.
Those are not major changes, but there is an addition that is: Rachio is also adding support for a water flow meter, which can be connected to the water line of your sprinkler system to detect leaks and wirelessly retransmit that information To the system. If a leak is detected, Rachio can shut down the system so it does not waste water or ruin your lawn. Rachio also says that the flow meter can be used to more accurately control the use of water, which theoretically should lead to more efficient watering.

Photo: Rachio

Rachio launched its first smart sprinkler controlled in 2014 and followed it with a second generation in 2016 that included a redesigned control box and support for Alexa. The system allows owners to set irrigation schedules through an application, which can make adjustments depending on the weather. The second generation of Rachio continues on sale for $ 200. Pre-orders for the third generation model begin today: they will be launched in May for $ 250 or will be added to the flow meter for $ 330. The flow meter is not will ship until April, and both new packages are for sale at this time for $ 50 off.


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