Samsung’s 2018 QLED 4K TVs can blend into your wall and control your smart home

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March 7, 2018
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Samsung has just presented its 2018 line of QLED 4K televisions at an event in New York City. The company continues to be the world's leading television manufacturer, and although this year's sets modestly improve image quality, mainly black levels, the main focus is intelligence and smart home control. The new QLED (never, never confused with OLED) are shipped with Bixby and offer voice assistant capabilities right out of the box. And they also act as a centralized hub for Samsung's SmartThings smart home platform, which gives you on-screen control over all SmartThings compatible devices.
The QLED 2018 alignment includes Q9, Q8, Q7 and Q6 (in descending order of price and image quality). Samsung has not yet resigned to push curved TVs, as each series will be sold in flat and curved versions. The price details are not yet revealed for the new QLEDs, but are scheduled to start shipping in the coming weeks, so they should not be much longer.

Q9 and Q8 have full matrix local attenuation; 9 has more zones, but Samsung does not specify how many there are in each one. The Q9 also has the group's best HDR output, which Samsung calls "Q HDR EliteMax." But each of the four new QLED series supports HDR10 +.
All new QLEDs have an "Ambience Mode" that your phone uses to capture a picture of the environment behind it, and then create a matching appearance on the screen. This effect was previously seen in Samsung's Frame TVs, but now it is expanding to the QLED line. In addition to the pleasant appearance, the ambient mode will also show the temperature, news headlines, personal photos and other information. Basically, it turns the Samsung QLED into a smart screen when it is not in use. You are not looking at a transparent screen; the TV only creates shadows and other effects to make it look like this.

Televisions can also act as a hub for Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem of connected devices such as cameras, thermostats, lights, etc. The company has recently simplified its approach to smart home by bringing everything together under a single SmartThings mobile application.

Below are the size options that will be offered by each QLED in
Q9 Series: 75 inches, 65 inches
Q8 Series: 75 inches, 65 inches, 55 inches
Q7 Series: 75 inches, 65 inches, 55 inches
Q6 Series: 82 inches, 75 inches, 65 inches, 55 inches, 49 inches

The Q7F has a nice metal support.


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