Sitting inside Bugatti’s new $3m Chiron didn’t make me a better person

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March 6, 2018
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The Bugatti Chiron Sport costs a stupid amount of money north of $ 3 million. The only people who could worry about the precise figure are the accountants in the Volkswagen Group, the parent company of Bugatti. Those who can afford the Chiron Sport do not care how millions are rounded up, and the other 99.99 percent of us will never be so fortunate to have to seriously consider buying this instead of, say, several mansions. The Chiron Sport, like the rest of the historical Bugatti lineup, is the automotive equivalent of the unicorn breeding.
At the Geneva Motor Show, I came to caress the last Bugatti unicorn, who was dressed in a royal red and black suit. Thanks to an enthusiastic Verge fan on the Bugatti team, I was even able to get in a few minutes, and this is my account of what the most exclusive experience was like.

First, the new luxury cars have a unique universal smell: fresh leather. The meticulous hand seams, perfectly combined with the red exterior, accentuate the interior of thick and dark leather. In fact, everything feels and looks thicker, from the musk and texture of the leather to the chubby ruffle and the controls around it. My guess is that when you're driving this speed demon at 260 mph (on a track and under controlled conditions, obviously), the absence of small sharp objects inside is probably reassuring. I do not know, I'm just here to see if I can feel something like $ 3 million.
It's a futile effort, of course, as I know very well from the times I've been in supercars on the move. The point is how they make you feel when they move, not the vibration they emit while they are parked. And yet, if all that mattered were the simple joys of speed, there is a beautiful selection of Lamborghinis, Porsches and McLarens scattered throughout the Geneva showroom, each costing a fraction of the price Chiron Sport requires.

No. Buying a Bugatti is more than just speed and performance. And honestly it's more than just luxury, because yes, the leather feels comfortingly expensive, and there are matching hand luggage pieces that are probably tens of thousands of dollars each, but even a fully-equipped Rolls-Royce could have a hard time reach the price of Chiron.
The Bugatti is about seeking attention. In its most extreme and extravagant form, yes, but ultimately it is reduced to the same behavior that pushes me to strive more in sports when there is an audience. We all like to be loved and admired.

What I felt when I was inside the cocoon of Chiron Sport were the eyes of everyone around me. Crowds of various sizes were dwindling and flowing around this new supercar throughout the day, and once there was a human behind the wheel, people were understandably intrigued. Bugatti would not let most people even touch the car, however, there he was pushing the steering wheel and taking MKBHD with pictures of the interior.
It did not matter that the curious were attracted to the car and not me. The sense of attention was still there, and although personally I found it uncomfortable and uncomfortable, I can understand how someone who craves people's attention would hurry at everything. A Bugatti is, and always will be, rare enough to stand out on most people's days, and the intoxicating knowledge of that fact is what drives people to acquire something like a Chiron Sport.
Of course, the disgusting and beautiful paint job rouge et noir does not hurt either.


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